Mobile Housing Authority is an asset management real estate company providing housing and other resources to families in the Mobile, Alabama. Mobile Housing Authority has a vision to be a catalyst for community and family empowerment in collaboration with key business, governmental, non-profit, educational and religious communities.

Mobile Housing Authority (“MHA”) administers federal, state, local and private housing assets and resources and provides those resources largely to low and moderate income families. Mobile Housing Authority provides those resources through: (i) the management of approximately 3,400+ units of affordable housing fixed in some thirteen (13) communities within the City of Mobile, Alabama and in other portions of Mobile County, Alabama; (ii) the management of approximately 3,900+ Housing Choice Vouchers supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”); (iii) the management of several mixed-income mixed-financed communities; (iv) redevelopment and re-positioning strategies and initiatives; (v) other anticipated real estate, acquisition and development activities; and (vi) several affordable and market-rate housing programs and strategies designed to develop, maintain or sell, single family homes. Mobile Housing Authority is also affiliated with a number of non-profit and for-profit companies, many of which assist in the ownership, management or service delivery to families of MHA’s rental or home ownership units. One of the affiliates specializes in real estate development and construction activities and the delivery of economic and life style independence services to low and moderate income families. The Formal Solicitations that appear on this site will further MHA’s strategic goals to empower families and the community. Come and be a part of our network of providers.